PeerTube viewer and WebTorrent

A great thing about PeerTube is that in order to reduce hosting costs, it uses WebTorrent to reduce the load in case a video starts being watched by a large amount of people. For those unfamiliar with the technology, here’s how it goes: If you are watching a video and are the only one watching, PeerTube works like any video platform. You just load the video from the server and play it. [read more]

A New Site for peertube-viewer

In addition to the docs, which can still be found at, peertube-viewer now has a new website. This website will host the releases binaries and news about peertube-viewer. An rss feed is available here. Here are a few useful links within the site: Homepage RSS feed Download page Releases page The site itself is generated using hugo, and is on a public gitlab repo. The theme is a heavily trimmed down version of Beautiful Hugo, with all JS removed, and a lot of updates on the look. [read more]