This page contains information on installation and downloads for peertube-viewer-rs. To learn how to use it, go to the documentation.

Via package managers

If available for your distribution, this is the recommended install process.

Currently, peertube-viewer is only available on the AUR for Arch Linux:

Manual install

If peertube-viewer-rs is is not available for your platform, don’t hesitate to ask (or even better, create yourself the package and make a Merge Request). Manuals installs are not recommended because you won’t have access to new updates easily.

The binary releases contain the executable peertube-viewer-rs as well as the man page peertube-viewer-rs.1 and the auto completion for various shells in the completions folder.

You can just run the binary from the command line. For a complete install, peertube-viewer-rs should be accessible via the PATH, the completions can be added to their respective emplacements to have nice auto completion in the shell (/etc/bash_completion.d/peertube-viewer-rs.bash for bash on Arch Linux)

Latest release: 1.8.5

Release date: November 28, 2023

Future releases

The recommended ways to get up to date releases are: